UPdate on Pastor Barry

Friday, december 18, 10:00 PM CST

Update from Marci as of 10:00 PM CST on 12/18/2020 at Southern Hills Medical Center in Nashville, TN

Third day of intense in-hospital rehab! They are working him hard! I got to observe/help in second PT session of the day. He walked down the long hall with a cane (for extra safety/stability, but temporary)to the rehab room. Did tons of leg exercises/bands. Did 3 sets of 4 stairs and then got to try the 10 step up stairwell 10 back down and down. (32 stairs all together in the session I got to be a part of.
Slow and steady wins the race!

Had PT, OT and Speech. Speech cut him loose completely today. No need for any cognitive work!
He hasn’t been sleeping well at night. Discomfort from broken ribs/sternum/incision for implant(although it looks beautiful!). No fever still. Oxygen and BP look good. Color looks great!

Daily ministry opportunities still happening!

We are going to have to switch units in Katie’s apt complex in the next few days. (This is a good thing and will be worth the extra hard work.) Pray the move goes well/smoothly. We know now this is NOT the unit she should stay in, (thankfully), but it is the one God wanted her to be in when Barry’s V-Fib happened. This unit was right up front by the office, and one of the CPR-trained leasing agents heard and came to relieve Katie and I from doing CPR.

Next Tues or Wed, the team will assess where Barry is and then have a pretty good idea of when he’ll get to go home. He was hoping for Christmas Eve, but that’s a little soon. Rehab stays are on average 10-14 days, but it depends on the individual. He’s extremely motivated. Wants to get home to his hbc family!
  • Pray for perfect healing and the corkscrews to stay in place they inserted into his heart muscle to hold the defibrillator wires. He is to not lift left arm above head, to the side or straighten for 10 weeks. No lifting!
  • Pray for the pain from ribs/sternum/incision site - hurts to do anything but especially when trying to sleep
  • Needs good night’s rest
  • Strong, clear lungs- this is VERY important
  • Steady oxygen levels- remained good again today on his own
  • Protection from germs/Covid(His floor is Covid free and so are we!)
  • Strength in muscles/stability/stamina- a little stronger every day
  • Katie’s move will go smoothly and they will find just the right fit for her